MeeSites 1.1 is live

MeeSites 1.1

MeeSites 1.1 is here. Get free Support, Sticky Navigations, our first Plugin, and more.

Before diving into the facts and new features of MeeSites 1.1, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. More than 1 year has passed since we first went live with MeeSites. Wow – what a ride! Today, we would like to give something back to you.

MeeSites continues to evolve

The Beaver Builder drag & drop page builder plugin for WordPress is an important part of MeeSites. This is why Robby McCullough from the Beaver Builder team invited me to a quick Q&A and gave me the opportunity to answer a few interesting questions about the development and the background story of MeeSites. Would you like to know why we chose the Beaver Builder plugin? Then, you can check out the interview here.

In fact, we received awesome feedback from the WordPress community! And today, we would like to pass on some of the joy. We are giving away one 1-year MeeSites Pro membership. If you already are a MeeSites user, or if you would like to become one – here’s your chance of getting it for free!

Become a pro with just a tweet!

Let everyone know that you are a pro! Retweet and win a MeeSites Pro Subscription.

MeeSites 1.1

It took some time. But finally, MeeSites 1.1 is online. You no longer need a second or third account if you want to create more MeeSites. Instead, you can now quickly and easily add and manage additional websites in your admin area.

MeeSites Admin Interface

Our first plugin

MeeSites 1.1 doesn’t just have an improved WordPress dashboard; we also added and published our first plugin: the MeeSites Builder preview mode. With a click on the eye symbol, you can now hide all of the editing symbols on the page and, thus, get a preview of your current changes without having to first save and publish your site. This plugin is part of our MeeSites Essentials and is automatically activated for your site.

MeeSites Builder Preview Mode
MeeSites Builder Preview Mode
MeeSites Plugins
MeeSites Plugins

You now have the menu item “Plugins” in your dashboard. This is where you can – as is usual in WordPress – manage and activate all of the available plugins. Also, fans of great web performance can rejoice, as we added WP Rocket to the MeeSites Pro plan. Are there any other plugins you’d like to be able to use with your MeeSites plan? Let us know in the comments section!

MeeTheme 1.1

Get more control over your navigation menu. In the Theme Customizer, you can now design your sub menus and mobile menus separately and create sticky navigations with ease. For more info on MeeTheme 1.1, please check out our newly-created Changelog site.

MeeTheme 1.1 Customizer

Good news for beginners

Our support is free now! Particularly in the beginning, having many questions is normal – and we’d like to help. From now on, our support is also available for users of the MeeSites Starter plan. In addition to that, we decided to discontinue the use of sponsored ads, which helps reduce the ad space in your footer to a minimum.

In this MeeSites tutorial for beginners, we will give you a brief overview over the most important features and the drag & drop module of the MeeSites Builder.

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