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Some time has passed since the first MeeSites saw the digital light of day. A lot has happened since, and some things have changed – to the positive, of course!

Get an entire website in just a few seconds

We gave some thought into how we could make the creation our MeeSites even faster, simpler and more user friendly.

In fact, we concluded that it would make sense to provide a website from the very first step. From today on, our users can sign up and create their home page in one go – with just a few clicks. So, it literally takes only seconds to get your online presence!

Make use of our 7-day free trial!

Choose a user name and a domain – and you’re ready to roll! That’s only 2 steps between zero and you being able to edit your website.

And there’s even more to our offer: you can test all of the functions of our website builder for free before taking any decision to buy (or not buy…) one of our your MeeSite.

That’s what happened so far


Want to know more about what we’ve done so far? Besides introducing the changes mentioned above, the MeeSites 0.3 update also comes with new, exciting functions.

Not only was the performance improved, automatic backups introduced and a new MeeSites | Preview Center implemented; MeeSites now also has extended global configuration options, new design templates and a modified starter-theme.

Let us know of any special wishes, suggestions, or improvements you have for us. User feedback helps us improve our offer even more. Your opinion is important – let us know what you think!

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